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Interview mit Gerd Leonhard: Schweizer SMEs sollten in neuen Perspektiven denken (via S-GE)

Ende Februar wurde das nachfolgende, englischsprachige Interview mit Gerd Leonhard von Laura Angelstorf auf Switzerland Global Enterprise veröffentlicht. „Etwas, das heute sinnvoll erscheint, kann in fünf Jahren sinnlos werden,“ sagt Gerd Leonhard.
„Mr. Leonhard, why do many people suppose that the creative business models of Uber and Airbnb are the business models of the future?
The key feature of businesses like Airbnb or Uber is how they use data – they’re platforms. The platform model is the number one model for major disruptors like Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Baidu. Technological platforms have been developed in order to create new business models based on technology and cloud computing. This is based on a very different approach than manufacturing a product that people want to buy. These new businesses say, ‚We have so much value in this overall system that no one can do without us.‘ Aside from the platform, Airbnb and Uber actually don’t own anything, which makes their approaches incomparable. However, the time of disruption as the number one issue is coming to an end.
What does this mean for an established, traditional SME?
It’s different for every business. The most important way to prepare for the future is to recognize the context, to understand how it’s changed. The new competitors are the digital platforms; the most powerful companies in the world today are no longer the traditional oil corporations or banks, but the data and technology companies. If you recognize the context, you also see what the most important megashifts are. If companies can understand what’s happening around them and what could happen in the next 5 to 10 years, then they’re in a position to develop new ideas. The main problem with Swiss SMEs is that they don’t spend enough time thinking about what could happen in the near future. There’s a lack of foresight, imagination and conflict management ability.“
Das vollständige Interview auf Swiss Global Enterprise online
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