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Von morgen bis heute: Futurist Gerd Leonhards neueste News und Links

Hier geht es zu Gerd Leonhards neuester Newsletter (englischsprachig)
„Greetings and happy new year!
Despite all the troubling and unexpected things that happened in 2016, I believe that the future is better than we think. But the future is also no longer just what may happen tomorrow – it’s also what has already happened, today, that we just didn’t pay attention to.
In that spirit, here are my latest reads and discoveries (btw: follow the GerdFeed to tap into my live-reading stream if you need a constant feed, or follow me on Twitter)
Kind regards from Zürich where we are finally getting some snow:)
Gerd Leonhard
Read about these Topics:

  • The future of work, robots and automation
  • Dystopia or Realopia ?
  • Machine Intelligence / AI / IA
  • Digital Heretics and critical voices
  • Digital Ethics
  • Best of Gerd
  • and browse a Collection of Great conversations and videos





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