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Gerd Leonhards offener Brief zur "KI Partnerschaft für Mensch und Gesellschaft" (Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, MSFT) jetzt verfügbar auf Wired UK

Hier geht’s zum vollständigen Beitrag. Bitte teilen!
„Dear Francesca, Eric, Mustafa, Yann, Ralf, Demis and others at IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon.
The Partnership on AI to benefit people and society is a welcome change from the usual celebration of disruption and magic technological progress. I hope it will also usher in a more holistic discussion about the global ethics of the digital age. Your announcement also coincides with the launch of my book Technology vs. Humanity which dramatises this very same question: How will technology stay beneficial to society? This open letter is my modest contribution to the unfolding of this new partnership. Data is the new oil – which now makes your companies the most powerful entities on the globe, way beyond oil companies and banks. The rise of ‘AI everywhere’ is certain to only accelerate this trend. Yet unlike the giants of the fossil-fuel era, there is little oversight on what exactly you can and will do with this new data-oil, and what rules you’ll need to follow once you have built that AI-in-the-sky. There appears to be very little public stewardship, while accepting responsibility for the consequences of your inventions is rather slow in surfacing…   Read on
Einige verwandte Illustrationen zu den Kernaussagen von Gerd Leonhards neuestem Buch Technology vs. Humanity auf Flickr:
Technology vs Humanity





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